Saturday, July 20, 2013

A wild ride on the mermaid circus

I have had the wildest creative ride on the mermaid circus, 8 astounding! weeks of creative bliss.
Heaven on a stick.
We started with our mermaid shaped journals, I couldn't sleep at night my mind was a buzz with colours floating around in my dreams and the inspiration and creativeness from all the fellow mermies was super eye candy.Every day brought with it a new and fantastical journey to take hold of and run with.

The best 8 weeks 
Have many memories to cherish
Exceptional Jane and Teesha

My mermaid muse has come to visit
Expectations of fun, fun and more fun
Rewarded every time I create
MERMAIDS are real
Dream of being one

Creative pleasure
Inspiration to draw
Resources new and many
Comments,tips & hints from fellow mermies
Utterly in love with this class
Sad to say goodbye

My clown mermaid with puffer fish pom poms
The queen of mermies with her tattoos on her arm
Here I re printed some of my own art work and with Teesha guidance I collages it into a new mermaid
Then we moved onto our Teesh style journal 
Running away with ideas

I dreamed of a bright pink haired sea mermie with fish and circus tents
The underwater goddess
La sirena gorda
Into the dark

Playing with ht mermaid circus and colour and life and my muse

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weekend workshop with Jane davenport

I was in supplies heaven, I couldn't sleep after the first day cos images of faces and mermies and colours and paints and inks and just Everything were swirling around in my brain.Jane is such a giving and caring teacher and if you have the opportunity to create with her then DO IT!
I have made some beautiful new friends and said goodbye to others.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

All sorts of supplies

Oh So French................


All sorts of pastels...............

I have been creating Journal pages and just having the best time. Oh madame, I have been using Copic markers, they are an aquired taste i think and very hard to get the hang of.

This little Faery has been created using just about every supply that i have.

Here is my little mermaid, i have used a combination of markers,inks and pencils.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


More peerless watercolours. I love them, here i have been trying to increase the shading on the face. This is really hard with watercolours, particularly when i am used to acrylics.

In these pages i have been trying my new Peerless watercolours. They are amazingly beautiful colours.

Here i have had a play with watercolour crayons,some stamping and a very washy background.

Oh! My!

I have been doing nothing but drawing, painting and playing. No washing,cooking,ironing etc etc..........

Saturday, March 17, 2012

prisma colour blending

Here i have used lots of layers of prisma pencils to create the shading and highlights on her